Excursion to 2 Islands inside the Trasimeno Park

Isola Maggiore: the isle belongs to the town Tuoro sul Trasimeno and it’s the only inhabited Island. It still preserves its peculiar 15th century look, as it was created by local fishers. In 1211 Saint Francis from Assisi came here to stay as a hermit for the Lent: today you can still visit the chapel dedicated to the Saint and his arrival after a stormy crossing on the Trasimeno lake, as well as the rock where the Saint stopped to pray. The traditional “Irish stitch” crochet is one of the flagships of the island Isola Maggiore. A sightseeing tour will guide you along a “museum circuit of Isola Maggiore”.

Polvese Island: this Island belongs to the town of Castiglione del Lago, and it’s the largest isle of the lake. Her you’ll find some interesting historical memories like the church San Secondo, the Olivetano Monastery, the church San Giuliano and a recently restored 14th century castle. Another interesting site is the so called Piscina del Porcinai (Garden of water plants) , realized by the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai during the 50s of the 20th century. The island is a good example of sustainable environmental heritage, here you’ll find a scientific – educational park too, where research, education and specific lessons are organized. The island offers a Study – Resort Centre, with meeting room, guest quarters and a hostel. Info: www.polvese.it Isola Minore: we have very few information about the smallest island of the lake. It was called Minore at the beginning of the 20th century, it’s a private property and inhabited.


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